Welcome to Pole Parlour.

As mistress of the domain, I’d like to introduce myself.

Like many women before me, I’ve become utterly enchanted by the once taboo art of pole dance. The beauty. The strength. The seduction. It’s changed my life by revealing a side of myself I’ve long neglected. Through pole dancing, I’ve unleashed my inner bad-ass goddess.

It’s my belief that all women (and men!) should feel comfortable in their own skin and empowered by their sensual essence. Which is the driving force behind Pole Parlour. As an amateur dancer, I wanted to create a positive, motivational (and FUN) space that showcases the culture and artistry of pole dance, that is accessible to polers and non-polers alike. Here you’ll find an asylum of creativity, inspiration, and engaging discourse related to both pole dancing and the overarching spirit of embracing one’s inner bad bitch.

You can read my personal pole story here.

Thank you for visiting the Parlour, kitten. The pleasure is all mine.

Crimson Minxxx