Parlour Girl: Christine aka Crimson Minxxx



Parlour Girl is an ongoing series featuring the personal stories of amateur pole dancers. Today’s Parlour Girl is Christine, aka Crimson Minxxx!

Kindly introduce yourself in one sentence or less:
I’m a 34 year-old freelance creative and spiritual firecracker living in LA.

Favorite pole dance song: 
"Pussy Liquor" by Rob Zombie

Go-to pole trick/spin/floorwork:
Hair Whip

Why do you pole dance?
I pole dance for countless reasons—fitness, fun, creative expression… and the list goes on. But it has most impacted my life by being an integral part of my journey of self-love and acceptance. When I began poling, I had recently moved to a new city where I didn’t know a soul, which in turn forced me to really take a look at myself and establish where I was headed in life, who I wanted be, etc. Some real soul-searching stuff. And I don’t think it was a coincidence that around this time I found an online deal for a pole studio that had piqued my interest after passing it a number of times near my work. What was a pole dance studio? Was that where strippers went for job training?! I was intrigued! So I signed up for a class. And it turns out: though stripper training was certainly an option, most girls were there with a different purpose.

I always thought myself to be in shape from being a life-long athlete and gym bunny, but nothing could prepare me for the soreness I encountered after my first class. These women embodied the definition of strength! Plus they were graceful, confident, sensual… and they inspired me to be the same. I began my first class in yoga pants and an oversized tee… it didn’t occur to me that was a recipe for sliding off the pole. It wasn't gonna work. But just wear little shorts and a sports bra? In public? But I have a muffin top! Well, I’m happy to say that feeble mentality is a thing of the past. As are any thoughts of not being sexy/strong/pretty/coordinated/flexible/courageous enough to be a pole dancer. And I have personally latched onto the accompanying sensual and erotic dance classes to further enhance my performance.

I feel blessed to have found a studio that encourages women of all shapes, sizes, color, and ages to join and become a pole goddess. And I have met many amazing, supportive friends along the way. Through this experience, I have learned to accept and embrace my female beauty, strength, and sensuality. I’m one hell of an empowered chick! And this mindset has emanated into my personal and professional life, as well. I now have a clear vision of who I want to be in this world, and hope to spread this fierceness and self-acceptance to all the women in my life.

Female icon:
Marchesa Casati: she was bold, eccentric woman who openly expressed her sexuality and outrageous artistic vision at a time when women were expected to be soft-spoken wallflowers.