And So It Begins...

Happy New Year! Time to start fresh! New year, new you! Make those resolutions! This will be the best year EVER!

Are your eyes rolling? I know: how cliché. But this isn’t a post about losing inches from your waistline or organizing your closets or whatever women’s magazines will have you believe will bring you ultimate, lasting happiness in 2015. I mean, we’re better than that, no?

That being said, I must confess: I love the promise of a new beginning. Rebirth. Moments where you choose to give the proverbial middle finger to fear and self-doubt, and charge forward with wild passion to create the life of your dreams. But sometimes we get stuck in the rut of life and need to be reminded to check in with ourselves. And so, as corny as it may be, I’m embracing the occasion of the new year to start something I’ve been wanting to do for quite sometime: I’m launching a blog. No more excuses (What will I say?! Who will care?! Do I even have time for this?!)

I’m ready for a new adventure!

And in the spirit of the season, I’m setting some New Year's resolutions:

  • Pole Parlour will seek to inspire and empower women, embracing the feminine energy associated with dance (nurturing, sensual, emotional) as opposed to the masculine (competitive, strength-dominant, aggressive).
  • Pole Parlour will challenge the taboo association of pole dance without denying it’s sexual, erotic nature.
  • Pole Parlour will be a haven for creative, unique, engaging content relating to both pole dance and the overarching feminine essence.
  • Pole Parlour will strive to be relevant to dancers of all levels and backgrounds.
  • Pole Parlour will not self-sensor in order to safely appeal to a general audience, but will rather maintain a distinct, genuine voice.
  • Pole Parlour will support the establishment of meaningful, supportive relationships within the pole community.
  • Pole Parlour is a feminist. A spiritualist. An artist. A seductress. A lover. And one bad ass bitch.

I’m thrilled to begin this new journey where I can explore my creative passion for pole dance whilst promoting self-love and confidence amongst women. Because ultimately, that is what truly feeds my soul. And I would be humbled and honored for you to join me!

I also encourage you to share your New Year's resolutions below. And I challenge you to think BIG! Because let’s be honest, no one can say they found true bliss by losing 10 pounds or having a clean closet.