Pole Priestess Tarot Reading

Just as I am seduced and enchanted by pole dancing, I am equally enamored by the mystique of tarot. And I know what you are thinking: tarot?! On a pole dance blog?!  But as I’ve mentioned, Pole Parlour is a complex creature with a desire to inspire and explore not just the art of pole, but also the overarching feminine spirit.

But first let me back up. Tarot is an esoteric tool often misunderstood because of it’s association with fortune telling and gypsy charlatans. So I want to be clear: I don’t believe that anyone has the ability to predict the future. We create our futures based on our present actions and free will… which is pretty empowering in and of itself, no!? So, I can’t do a reading to determine whether or not you’re going to nail that handspring within the next month. But what I can do is a reading to reflect the energy surrounding the situation and glean insight and advice to help guide and inspire you on your handspringing journey. Make sense?!

Back to that feminine spirit thing. I’ve decided to do a “Body, Mind, Spirit” tarot reading as a way to explore how we view and approach our relationship with pole as well as gain insight on how we can positively influence our experience and growth. This is a general reading for anyone in the pole and sensual dance community, but I think anyone can feel empowered by what the cards had to say…

Current Energy: 2 of Cups
Can you feel the love?! With the current energy of the 2 of Cups, you are feeling balanced and harmonious in your relationship with pole. There is a sense of excitement, joy, and support, just as with a true romance! There is also a nod to the balance of male (strength, goal-oriented) and female (creative, emotionally fulfilling) energies, and when these two yin/yang energies come into harmony, the sky is the limit! The 2 of Cups is more broadly a card of partnerships, so don’t be surprised if you also make some meaningful, life-long friendships along the way.

Body: Justice
The karma card! What you put out, comes back to you. And in reference to the body, it’s fair to say the physical efforts you have been putting in are destined to pay off! Treat your body well, and it will treat you well in return. The mermaid in this card holds a judicial scale to serve as a reminder to be balanced in your approach. This means proper nutrition and rest are just as important as the time you spend spinnin’ on the pole!

Mind: 6 of Wands
Victory! The 6 of Wands is a celebratory card that indicates you’ve worked hard and are finally being recognized for your efforts. It shows up to give you confidence in your abilities and encouragement to continue on your path. In respect to the mind, it reminds us to have confidence in ourselves and our talent. This is not a time for self doubt: you’ve got this shit! And because we’re all in this together, be open to celebrate the success of others, as well!

Spirit: Queen of Swords
The Queen of Swords is one bad ass bitch! She’s an in-control female and the most intellectual, independent, and courageous of all the queens. With her energy as your spirit, you are not a person to be messed with! There are many instances when as a dancer, we can call upon this Queen of Swords energy. When nay-sayers question the validity of pole dancing, remain tenacious in defending it’s legitimacy. Or if you find yourself questioning your own abilities as a dancer, keep the faith because you are one strong, empowered chick!

So what do you think? I’ve personally found tarot to be an amazing tool to help guide me on this wild ride of life. I hope you were also able to gain some insight and motivation from the reading, and I would love to hear if any of this rang true to your own experiences in the comments below!