Good Read: Pole Story: Essays on the Power of Erotic Dance

When one of my pole besties gave me this book for Christmas, I was beyond thrilled. First off, the cover is damn hot. But more importantly, I had recently found the author, Claire Griffin Sterrett’s, blog and have become a big fan of her intelligent, thought-provoking editorial as well as her passionate stance on keeping the sexy in pole (you can also find her on the Bad Kitty blog).

This book is a collection of essays that “articulate the value of erotic dance, while also challenging our assumptions about the body, female sexuality and the art of pole dancing in contemporary culture.” It’s a quick read at only 45 pages, but it is crammed full of engaging, empowering discourse. My copy is already defaced with countless underlines and margin notes! Throughout this book, Sterrett strongly argues that, contrary to many (misguided) assumptions, being a feminist and a pole dancer are not mutually exclusive. Here are a few powerful nuggets:

“Women are already bombarded with images of what acting sexy looks like. It’s time to teach them what being sexy feels like.”

“Anyone who has ever danced erotically for another knows the tremendous power she has over that person. The quickest way to rob a woman of that power is to shame her out of it. And that’s the dirty little trick that has been played on women for centuries.”

And I was ecstatic to see someone so eloquently express the same (controversial) view I have about poling in the Olympics:

“Trying to turn pole dancing into an Olympic sport if you are in it for the art form, the sensual aspects, the engagement with that deeply feminine part of yourself, is in some ways, taking a very feminine experience and forcing it into the more masculine, objective world of measurements, restrictions, linear direction and goals.”

Preach on, Sister Claire! The Pole Parlour blog is new so readers may not know my “voice” as of yet, but you’ll see I have a very ardent viewpoint about feminine energy and it’s essential place in pole dance.

Whether or not you agree with that last one, this book remains an enjoyable, pertinent read for all pole and exotic dancers. And it ain’t too pricey, either… check it out here!

Have you read this book? Or can your recommend another pole dance book worth checking out? Share your thoughts below!