Video: Fearless Freestyle

I remember when I first started poling, the internal freak-outs I would have when it came time to freestyle to a song at the end of class. And honestly, who am I kidding: I still have those internal freak outs now! Sometimes I just feel like a deer in headlights. There are so many options, so many countless moves, that my mind goes blank. One of the most important—yet difficult—things the I’ve learned so far on my pole dance journey is to learn to let go and move with the music. Stop trying to think of a flashy trick or spin combo and instead live in the moment. I think many people feel that a freestyle routine isn’t effective without all the bells and whistles. Which is one of the things that makes it so damn intimidating for many of us amateurs! But truth is, a simple, confident dance executed with lots of spirit and swag can be just as—if not more—interesting to watch than a routine with a lot of impressive tricks, but no real “passion”.

And to support this argument, I asked one of my pole homegirls—who also happens to be one the most seductive freestylers I know—to do a 1-take, un-choreographed freestyle routine without any tricks or spins and instead just go with the flow and unleash her inner sex kitten. And that she did! Her talent to truly own her own style, along with her confidence, eye contact, and ability to move genuinely with the music, makes this trick-free routine completely captivating! Very "Bringing the Sexy Back"!

And I will divulge, Michelle was a bit apprehensive about the result, feeling it wasn’t polished enough and was repetitive at times. But I assured her that was not the purpose of this piece! Pole doesn’t always have to be a competition of who is the strongest or the sexiest or the “best”. Instead, I argue we need to encourage the general art and exploration of it all, and just enjoy ourselves and our personal accomplishments along the way.

I'd also like to thank Michelle for her graciousness in offering her time and efforts to Pole Parlour... MUAH!

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