Photo: The babelicious low flow queen, Carmine Black

Photo: The babelicious low flow queen, Carmine Black

Happy New Year! And Pole Parlour Anniversary! Pole Parlour launched exactly 1 year ago today, and it has been an absolute joy to connect with so many empowered, inspiring, smart, beautiful, and just fuckin’ rad pole dancers in 2015. And after a year of tinkering, I’m looking forward to revealing lots of new stuff in 2016. First being: the #SexyPoleChallenge on Instagram! It’s my pleasure to join forces with Carmine Black (@CarmineBlackDance on IG) and Vekker (@VekkerLA on IG) to create this challenge. We all know there are endless pole challenges out there. But we wanted to do something different. We wanted to encourage dancers to find their own version of sexy and empower others through movement. So rather than asking polers to post a trick per day, we’re giving loose guidelines for weekly video challenges, and asking participants to enjoy exploring and feeling into their personal dance flow.

There will be a new challenge each week:

Week 1: Wall Play
Week 2: Floorwork
Week 3: Low Flow
Week 4: Aerial Play

Each week, we’ll choose a winner to receive a Vekker and Pole Parlour gift pack! And here’s a little inside scoop: submit a video each week and there is a chance you could also win a secret bitchin’ prize from Liquid Motion at the end of the challenge!

Would you like to join the #SexyPoleChallenge? I would be humbled and thrilled if you did! Here's how to enter:

1: Follow @CarmineBlackDance @PoleParlour and @VekkerLA on Instagram. Guidelines for each week's challenge will be posted on Sundays.

2. Upload your sexiest video(s) for each week's challenge (up to 3 videos per week, deadline is Saturdays, midnight PST).

3. Tag #SexyPoleContest #CarmineBlackDance #PoleParlour #VekkerLA

4. Winners will be announced on Sundays and selected based on creativity, engagement, and overall sexiness!

See you sexxxy bishes on Instagram!