Parlour Girl: Siouxsie aka Siouxsie Que

Parlour Girl is an ongoing series featuring the personal stories of amateur pole dancers. Today’s Parlour Girl is Siouxsie, aka Siouxsie Que!

Kindly introduce yourself in one sentence or less:
I am an anomaly

Favorite pole dance song: 
It depends on my mood, but i guess I'm going to go with the first song I ever pole danced to, which is "When the Levee Breaks" by Led Zeppelin.

Go-to pole trick/spin/floorwork:
Spin climb to sit to dirty martini, splits and backroll

Why do you pole dance?
Pole dance is more than a sport to me; it’s a freedom of expression, it’s control over my body, it’s passionate, kinetic, and weightless. A no-judgment, no-bias, and no-self-doubt zone of sisterhood. Unfortunately, this is not yet how the world sees this artistic expression of the human body.  I once asked my friend to take pole dance classes with me. She said she’d think about it, and that a friend of hers had gotten so into it, she was competing at various competitions around Australia. She never ended up coming because her boyfriend asked her why she “wanted to learn how to be a stripper”. I asked her why she cared what her boyfriend thought. After all, it’s your body, it’s your free time, plus there’s nothing wrong with wanting to get in shape and being more flexible, but she dropped the subject.

I thought back to when I was in elementary school. I thought I was the only one who did this, but talking to other girls, I guess it’s pretty common. You know those poles on playgrounds you used to slide down? Well my friends and I made up a new Olympic gymnastics sport where you would swing around the pole and make pretty shapes on your way down. We’d score each other out of 10 and declare the gold medalist by the end of recess. I wonder what the teachers thought? But in the end, we were just kids on a playground, nobody cared or thought any different. I dream of the day when pole dancing will be just as accepted, innocent, and sporty as children swinging around a playground during recess.

I don’t think anyone has the right to define my sexuality, shape, or identity. Anyone can dance, regardless of previous experience or size. I am the perfect example. I never had dance experience, and when I first started dancing I was a size 11. I could barely touch my toes, let alone do the splits. I do have a wonderfully supportive boyfriend. He comes to all my recitals and enjoys the newfound freedom flexibility brings in the bedroom. The only real downsides are being sore and bruised all the time, but that will go away with time and practice.

Pole dancing actually has deep roots in India too. Only there, it’s done by men and has no sexual connotations. It’s called Mallakhamba. Malla, meaning wrestler, and khamba, meaning pole, it’s a sport developed from an age-old tradition of warrior training. I like to think of myself as a warrior in training. The way I see it, to get a comparable workout at the gym, I’d have to run on a treadmill for cardio, weightlift to build muscle strength, yoga class for flexibility, balance, and joint mobility, and some kind of dance class to let loose. However, an hour after pole class, not only have I crammed all those in, but I have something to show for it. A new trick or move I never knew my body was capable of, let alone could add into a new repertoire for a romantic night out with my S.O. It’s the complete package—building confidence, body, sisterhood, and soul. Now go forth and dance each and every one of my beautiful, creative, enlightened sisters, we are in this together and we will fight the stigma, one person at a time.

Female icon:
Michelle Obama

Thanks Siouxsie Que for graciously offering your time and efforts to be a Parlour Girl... You are a warrior, indeed! And a cute one, at that.