The Art of Seduction: Chair Dance

One of the things I love about my pole dance studio is the offering of ancillary erotic dance classes. I’ll save my stump speech on how I think these are an essential part of a well-rounded pole education, and instead jump right into the topic of today’s post: chair dancing. Slash lap dancing. VA VA VOOM! I always feel sexy and empowered after taking one of these classes. Plus, they help increase my confidence when performing this bedroom ritual, as well as inspire me to add fun moves and tricks to my repertoire. But truth is, you don’t even really need to take a class to be able to perform a chair dance, whether it be for yourself or for a lover. Instead, it’s all in feeling the music, and just doing your thang. And because of this, I’m always shocked to learn—when speaking with both poling and non-poling friends (and lovas)—how few have actually performed (or received) a chair/lap dance.

Let’s change this!

Are you a nervous newbie? Grab a chair and werk it in front of the mirror! I think you’ll be surprised to see how easily your body flows when you allow your brain to turn off and just tune into the energy of the dance. Believe in your ability to seduce just by feeling confident and sexy. Feel on yourself. Feel on your partner. Add some wiggles and jiggles. Sway those hips. Remember: a little tease goes a long way. And I can assure you, no lover is going to judge you on “level of difficulty” or “remembering to point your toes”. Instead, the Performing a Chair/Lap Dance for Your Honey Scale ranges from “What a goddess!” to “Holy shit, I need to buy this chick some DIAMONDS!” For real.

As previously mentioned, Pole Parlour isn’t one to formally instruct, but rather inspire. And I truly believe in the powerful ability to tap into one’s flow with the aid of some sexy, enchanting music, which is why I'd like to share some of my favorite chair dance tunes below:

Down & Dirrrrty:

Heavy & Grindy:

Dark & Sensual:

Pretty Little Dominatrix:

Sultry Seduction:

Burlesque Striptease:

Just the most damn sexy song ever:

What are your favorite chair dance tunes? Share in the comments below! You can also follow Pole Parlour on Spotify for more pole-inspired playlists.

Thank you C-Rob for posing for these amazingly inspiring photos. You’re a total fox!