Pole Dancing Robots

Have you ever found yourself so deep in the depths of the internet that you lose track of all space and time, unable to remember how you even got there in the first place?! That’s rhetorical. Of course you have. Point being: this is how I found out about pole dancing robots. Yup. Pole dancing robots. So naturally, I had to dive deeper into this black hole.

Meet Lexy and Tess!

These beauties were designed by British scrap artist Giles Walker, and developed by German company Tobit Software. They are comprised of 12V motors (used to operate the windshield wipers in cars), have LED arrays for faces, and can be controlled by a PC or Android smart phone.

So I’m sure you’re wondering—as I did—what’s the point?! Well, the robots were specifically created as part of a 2007 kinetic art piece called Peepshow. It’s a commentary on the state of modern electronic surveillance, likening it to voyeurism. According to Giles, we’re “all living in a peepshow… continually being watched by mechanical Peeping Toms on every street corner.” And why gyrating fembots on poles? According to Giles, “I wondered if it was possible to literally make a CCTV camera sexy using simple mechanics... using the imagery of a pole dancer questions the roles played in voyeurism. Could this pile of old windscreen wipers and odd pieces of metal become something sexual….”

Don’t think the likening of pole dancing to something a bit seedy and sexually deviant is lost on me, but I choose to see this project from a more light-hearted perspective. I mean, how can you not give a little giggle when watching Lexy and Tess werk it?!

Tobit Software has further developed the robots and now use them to attract viewers at IT trade shows (goodbye sexy booth human!) My only gripe: for the price of $39,500 (each!), I’d expect to see a more impressive routine: Brass Monkey?! Iron X?!

Any thoughts? Offended? Tickled? Confused? Leave your comments below!

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