The Story of Thicker Bell

by Thicker Bell

This is the Story of Thicker Bell.

Like all magical characters, I have a battered and tortured backstory. I was at the point where I wanted to die and leave this miserable life behind; pole found me as if it were a long-lost magical power. It empowered and helped me to redefine my happiness, walk away from toxic relationships, and evolve into a woman I love. I call her Thicker Bell. The name makes me chuckle, but it perfectly describes my awkward yet salacious nature. 

Through pole I found a world filled with funky beats and colorful shoes. A safe haven inhabited by the most amazing women who are all uniquely different. Yet they share the same inner vixen quality that enables them to express their passion through movement and song. They have created a place where the sun greets you each day bringing through a resurgence of energy. This world quickly became my home as it gave me the courage to break through my shell, the freedom to be myself and the confidence to FLY. 

A year later I’m not an amazing stripper and can barely do most of the spins... but who cares! I am no longer a sad, brokenhearted person just waiting to die. I am fashioning a life that reflects the person I see in the mirror. All while having the greatest fun living a life that is authentically my own. I OWN my joy because of a sisterhood of women who held my hand through the pain. I walk with a poise found in the most elusive of prides. No well-wrapped conclusion here as this is just the start of the poetic adventurers of Thicker Bell and the pole!

Thanks Thicker Bell for graciously offering your time and efforts to share your story with Pole Parlour! Power to the sisterhood!