Pole Dancin' Astrology :: Libra

Pole Dancin’ Astrology is an ongoing series about how astrological attributes are reflected in pole dance. This month is all about the charmers of the zodiac: LIBRAS!

September 23–October 22

Artistic, Social, Diplomatic, Easygoing, Lovable, Sincere, Romantic, Luxurious, Affectionate

The Scales

Blue and Lavender


Libras and Pole Dance:
Ruled by Venus—the goddess of love and beauty—Libras are drawn to pleasure, art, music, and culture… seems like the perfect patron of pole dance, right?! They greatly appreciate the artistic beauty of dance, and will be drawn to this over the more grueling, physical aspects of pole. As aficionados of music, they can make amazing playlists that will keep class fun! Libras also have an uncanny talent for keeping the peace due to their judicial nature and ability to put people at ease: perfect to have around the studio during stressful times of rehearsals and training for competitions! In fact, they are pleasure to be around in all social situations: they are warmhearted, soothing, and utterly captivating! Libra is the zodiacal sign of partnership and are almost magnetic in drawing in relationships. They are total team players… add this to their imaginative, enthusiastic nature, and you’ll see why joining forces with them in a routine can be almost magical!

Looking to win over a Libra?
Libras have high-class, luxurious taste, so wow a Libra with your stylish elegance!

Famous Libras:
Gwen Stefani, Oscar Wilde, Brigitte Bardot, Snoop Dogg

Libra Pole Move:
Any doubles trick: Libras meld well with others!

Libra Pole Dance Playlist:

Any personal Libra insight? Or suggestions for the Libra Pole Dance Playlist? Leave your comments below!