Divine Feminine :: Pole Dance As A Spiritual Practice

I recently read this manifesto by Urban Oneness priestess Margaret Nichols and was struck by how much I can relate to this sense of the DIVINE FEMME… and realized that pole dance has actually become a spiritual practice to me! And I suspect that many of my fellow poleaholics can relate to this feeling of awakening. Here is her full proclamation below:

“DIVINE FEMME: what it means to me

Leading with your feminine is not being girly or pink or weak.

It is a life of MAGNETIZING.

A life of flow, awareness, generosity + gratitude.

Of fascination, romance + diving witchi-ness.

It is alchemizing darkness to light.

It is Kali, mama, Mother Earth grounded, all-perceiving, fierce.

It is being a personal force for good, and a satellite for global transformation.

It is mesmerizing radiance.

It’s yoni power.

It’s a life of knowing in every ounce of our being that everything that happens to us is FOR us,

we are all connected,

and we are here to serve ONE truth: the freedom for all. Love, everywhere. And that EVERYTHING is sacred.

It is connection over competition. Ease over aggression.

It is honoring + cherishing the masculine to rise alongside us.

To live, love + lead in a yin/yang partnership.

It’s being a discerning badass with boundaries

yet a lithe heart, ever full of compassion.

it’s f*ing sexy.

It is wholly loving ourself, our body, our biz + our being

so we live in unshakeable Grace.

It’s being a holy haute hottie.

It is going together to create a new paradigm

that’s never yet existed in this world.

Sound dramatic? It is.

I’m serious here, babes.

It’s time.”

– Margaret Nichols

I adore this. All of it. Preach on, sister!