Post-Podcast Interview :: Natasha Wang

So excited to have pole star and pioneer, Natasha Wang, on this week's Pole Parlour Podcast! This episode is dope... check it out here! Then read more from Natasha below...

Where did you grow up, and what is your current home town?
I grew up in Austin, Texas, but I’ve lived in Los Angeles for 16 years.

Can you share a favorite pole dance photo of yourself?

And a favorite non-pole-life photo?

What’s your go-to pole move?
Planches/Tabletops of any kind

Give us a sexy floorwork song.
I’m conflicted about liking this song and finding it sexy, considering it was written by a 15-year old kid. Note from Minxxxy: HA!

What’s a YouTube pole dance video we should check out?
When this video came out in 2008, I watched it incessantly. I love the art house aesthetic and the cool, louche sensuality and I was obsessed with the dancer Blue at the time. It’s as if Warhol directed a documentary short about pole. To me, this is one of the seminal pole videos that every pole dancer needs to watch.

Give us a song that makes you want to immediately strip off your clothes and jump on the pole.

Who should we follow on Instagram?
Yvonne Smink: @yvonnesmink
Coco Kehong: @kehong_poledance_china
Lisa D: @lisa_d_poledancer

Show us an inspiring image.

Who would you like to see interviewed on the Pole Parlour Podcast?
Brandon Grimm
Colleen Jolly
Anjel Dust
Brook Notary

Thank you so much, Natasha! Xx