Pole Dancin' Astrology :: Pisces

Pole Dancin’ Astrology is an ongoing series about how astrological attributes are reflected in pole dance. This month is all about the old souls of the zodiac: Pisces!

February 19 – March 20

Intuitive, imaginative, romantic, mystical, helpful, wise, creative, compassionate, dreamy

The Fish

Pale Green and Turquoise


Pisces and Pole Dance:
Pisceans love dancing (Pisces actually rules the feet), so they fit right in to the pole dance community! Considered the most creative sign of the zodiac, they offer an abundance of artistic vision, whether it be just jamming in the studio or launching a full-scale production on stage. They are genuinely caring and have a tendency to be dreamy and see life through rose-tinted glassed, which makes them comforting to be around in high-stress situations such as competitions and intense rehearsals. They are extremely sensitive, soulful, and sympathetic… combine this with their loyalty and generous disposition, and you have a helluva friend both in and outside of your pole life!

Looking to win over an Pisces?
Be a bit mysterious: Pisceans enjoy intrigue and are bored by the obvious!

Famous Pisceans:
Rihanna, Kurt Cobain, Nina Simone, Alexander McQueen

Pisces Pole Move:
Fish Flop (technically a floor move, but we have to dance off the pole from time to time!)

Pisces Pole Dance Playlist:

Any personal Piscean insight? Or suggestions for the Pisces Pole Dance Playlist? Leave your comments below!