Pole Dancin’ Astrology :: Taurus

Pole Dancin’ Astrology is an ongoing series about how astrological attributes are reflected in pole dance. This month is all about the sensual bulls of the zodiac: Taurus!

April 20 – May 20

Sensual, Affectionate, Patient, Determined, Quiet, Dependable, Organized, Calm, Sentimental, Ambitious

The Bull

Pale Blue and Mauve


Taurus and Pole Dance:
Taurus is ruled by Venus, the Roman goddess of love, beauty, the arts, and pleasure, so look for these folks to have an affinity for luxury and exceptional creative ability! Though they won’t be the loudest in the studio or pushing to be center stage, you can be sure that they are quietly and diligently working on their dance skills in the background… and you can be sure they will achieve whatever it is they set out to achieve—be it a new trick, mastering a choreo sequence, or getting that full split… because Taurus folks are nothing if not tenacious! Taurus is quite the sensual sign, so look for this raw emotion and seduction to be expressed in freestyles and performances. And because they are inclined towards beautiful things, you can expect Taurus to appreciate studios with aesthetically pleasing lighting and decor… exemplary sensory experiences put them in the mood! And though notoriously stubborn, Taurus folks are down-to-earth and dependable, so if you ask them for a favor, you can expect them to be on time and have things run smoothly. They make perfect show producers and stage managers!

Looking to win over a Taurus?
Be balanced and secure: Taurus aren’t impressed by people who are brash or flakey.

Famous Taurus:
Sophia Amoruso, Liberace, Janet Jackson, Willie Nelson

Taurus Pole Move:
Cupid (Venus’s son!)

Taurus Pole Dance Playlist:


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