Pole Dancin' Astrology :: Gemini

Pole Dancin’ Astrology is an ongoing series about how astrological attributes are reflected in pole dance. This month is all about the dualistic twins of the zodiac: Gemini’s!

May 21 – June 20

Energetic, Versatile, Intellectual, Original, Adventurous, Quick-Thinking, Curious, Social, Adaptable, Communicative

The Twins



Gemini’s and Pole Dance:
Gemini’s are super curious; they crave excitement, variety, and new experiences, so taking up pole is right up their alley, and they’ll probably branch out into other areas such as silks and contortion, just to keep things interesting! And these social butterflies keep their calendars busy, so if you’re looking for a buddy to head to a pole event with, hit up a Gemini! In fact, they’d be down with checking out a pole performance early in the evening, then heading to the go go bar or dance club after to keep the party going! And as the sign of the twins, Gemini’s make great partners and collaborators, so look to a Gemini when in need of a dance partner, or even a comrade to dream up an epic pole party! Gemini’s love being involved in productions… and not just as the star! They’ll want to have their hands in it all: performing, directing, producing, and costume concepting! And since Gemini’s are great storytellers, you can be sure any performance they are involved with will be engaging and communicate a thoughtful, clever message.

Looking to win over a Gemini?
Gemini’s love good, intelligent conversation: so flaunt those brains! Smart is sexy!

Famous Geminis:
Josephine Baker, Tupac, Angelina Jolie, Prince

Gemini Pole Move:
Gemini! (natch)

Gemini Pole Dance Playlist:

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