Post Podcast Interview :: Kelly Maglia

Have you heard the latest Pole Parlour Podcast with Kelly Maglia? What a visionary! If not, check it out here. Then read more from Kelly below!

Where did you grow up, and what is your current home town?
I was born in Los Angeles, but grew up in the suburbs (most notably Orange County) before moving to London as a young adult. My current town is West Hollywood, and I love it!

Can you share a favorite pole dance photo of yourself?

And a favorite non-pole-life photo?

What’s your go-to pole move?
My go-to pole move is either the Ayesha or twisted grip handspring in multiple bendy positions. I’m working on back-bendy Ayesha variations at the moment that I’m very excited about!

Give us a sexy floorwork song.
Well of course, I’m going to say my song “Just Enough Rough.”

What’s a YouTube pole dance video we should check out?
I’m going to pull out a classic one here – from 10 years ago. This is Felix Cane’s very first winning performance at Miss Pole Dance Australia. I feel that we have moved so far away from this relatively “simple” style of pole dance – where held, beautiful poses are the thing, rather than crazy fast transitions that leave your mind spinning. Felix was then – and is now – the master of holding a breathtaking pose and not packing her routine with more tricks than the eye can bear. And she executes everything so gracefully and with beautiful extension. I love this early video of hers, and I count it as one of her best, even though she would later go on to invent and perfect way more complex moves…

Give us a song that makes you want to immediately strip off your clothes and jump on the pole.

Who should we follow on Instagram?
This girl is mind-blowing @olga_trifonova_belka

Show us an inspiring image.

Who would you like to see interviewed on the Pole Parlour Podcast?
Any pole dancers with a sassy, rebellious attitude and out-of-box thinking!

Thank you, Kelly! You're such a babe!