Pole Dancin' Astrology :: Cancer

Pole Dancin’ Astrology is an ongoing series about how astrological attributes are reflected in pole dance. This is the final sign of the series, and we’ve saved the best for last… the sensitive moon children of the zodiac: Cancers! Perhaps, as a Cancer myself, I am a bit biased with this proclamation, and it’s been a true pleasure writing about all of the signs of the zodiac! And in case you’ve missed yours, find all of the signs of Pole Dancin’ Astrology here!

June 21 – July 22

Intuitive, Nurturing, Emotional, Imaginative, Sensitive, Compassionate, Kind, Loyal, Helpful, Romantic, Creative, Reliable

The Crab

Sea Green and Silver


Cancers and Pole Dance:
Cancers are the “moms” of the zodiac and love to nurture, so expect them to support their pole gang through times of struggle, such as difficult classes and frightful performances! And they are very loyal, so you’ll find yourself protected as part of a Cancerian’s squad. Cancers are total homebodies and love to nest, so they may prefer to home pole, or choose studios with a comfy, family vibe. And in their pole lives, they are more concerned with cultivating happy, personal relationships as opposed to becoming stars on the big stage, so you may find Cancers comfortably hanging out in lower-level classes rather than pushing themselves to advance at a fast pace. They are also quite empathetic and aware in group dynamics, so are a pleasure to have in larger classes and showcases to keep the good vibes flowing (harmony is super important to Cancers!) Cancer is a very feminine, creative sign, and combine this with their emotional, imaginative nature, and you can pull some very soulful performances from these gals and guys!

Looking to win over a Cancerian?
Be sensitive of their emotions: these crabs feel deep feelings, so can be easily hurt!

Famous Cancers:
Frida Kahlo, Elon Musk, Mindy Kaling, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

Cancer Pole Move:
Birds Nest (Cancers are the biggest nesters of the zodiac!)

Cancer Pole Dance Playlist:

Any personal Cancerian insight? Or suggestions for the Cancer Pole Dance Playlist? Leave your comments below!