Holographic Pole Feels

I'm currently working on expanding the Pole Parlour merch line for Pole Expo in September, and am totally trippin' out over this new cropped holographic pole heart tank, available now in the shop! It's got some spacey, acid trip vibes to it, and makes me wanna pole jam to some hypnotic electronic music! Check out the inspired playlist I've created below... and if you're on Spotify, let's connect! Also, feel free to leave any suggestions for the playlist in the comments below... electronic music is not my expertise, but I love seeing people pole to this genre. In fact, I discovered the song in the image above—"Spill" by View—when I saw Oona Kivela dance to it at the Pole Classic at Pole Expo 2015. I'll embed that video below, as well: it's frickin' MIND BLOWING!

I'm also dreaming about these silver holographic boots from Pleaser to match my new tank... ooh la la!

Wishing you sweet, holographic, tripped-out dreams,