Styles of Sexy Pole Dance :: VIDEO

I’ve created this video to coincide with the #SexyPoleChallenge, which is a 4 week Instagram challenge I’m doing with sexy ass pole dancer Carmine Black and United Pole Artists. We were talking about the nuanced styles of sexy pole, and realized, maybe this would be a great video to make to help distinguish between and learn more about the established sub-genres of Sexy Pole Dance. Sometimes the differences seem minuscule and attributes overlap, but let’s see if we can come up with some general definitions.


Sexy Pole Style 1: Sensual Movement

Some ways to describe this style of dance are Raw, Intimate, “Dance Like you Fuck”, Emotional, Feminine Movement, Explorative, “Feel on Yourself”, and often times includes a lot of floor work. Depending on the dancer, Sensual Movement can range from barefoot and wildly spiritual to spiked heels and nasty, stripper-inspired.

Sexy Pole Style 2: Classique Showgirl

Some ways to describe this style of dance are Fluid, Seductive, Flexible, Creating Shapes, Graceful, Erotic, and often times incorporates spins, body rolls, and hair whips. Classique Showgirl is obviously well-suited for Showgirl Entertainers, and is the style of pole most associated with sexy-style pole competitions such as Pole Theater and Dance Filthy.

Sexy Pole Style 3: Exotic Flow

Some ways to describe this style of pole are Powerful, Physical, Dynamic Movement, Pronounced Tempo Changes, and often include many technical transitions and low flow/base work. This style of sexy pole was popularized by Russians who have an uncanny ability to make this strong, complex dance style seem effortless.

So are these the only ways to dance sexy on the pole? HELL NO! And to be honest, it’s almost impossible to fit a dancer neatly into just one of these boxes. Some of my favorite sexy pole dancers incorporate other styles of movement such as hip hop, modern dance, acro, ballet, b-boy, or dancehall into their movement. So for all intents and purposes, consider this your primer in sexy pole dance styles, and experiment with your own swag to create a style of sexy pole all your own!

And before I sign off, shout out to my girl Carmine Black who helped philosophize these genres, as well as another pole world babe Peach Lee Ray who wrote this excellent blog post on this topic: