My Men of Pole Dude Crushes :: VIDEO

Because it is a female dominated industry, many outside folks may not realize that there are so many men out there doing amazing things in and for the pole dance community.  As you may know or may have seen in my previous videos, the contemporary pole dance industry was pioneered by female strippers, but that doesn’t mean that it has to, or even should, stay insular to this specific gender or style.  And at first, for many women, I think this can be kinda intimidating or frustrating, like, don’t tread on my shit, bro. And I’ll be honest that I was definitely in that boat in the beginning. But eventually I realized that, just as with all things in life, the success of others does not detract from my own experience—and having our community grow and flourish in all different ways: whether that be with artistic style, gender, age, etc., only makes us more mighty as a whole.

So, I want to show some love to all the dudes out there doing their damn thing on the pole. There are so many men out there that deserve to be acknowledged for their efforts in the pole community, but I’d love to share with you some of my personal favorites that I crush on hard.

1. Brian Wolf
Brian is a U.S. pole champ and winner of the first Mr. Pole Dance America in 2016. He is influenced by the Russian Exotic style of pole, but has evolved it into a style all his own. His stage performances are jaw dropping and he’s always raising the bar in terms of skill and creativity.

2. Alex Shchukin
Alex is a Ukrainian dancer who excels at what he refers to as extreme pole dance style which is heavily influenced by his history in break dancing. That being said, he’s managed to blend his strength with artistic and traditional dance influences to create this unique style of sexy masculine pole dance.

3. Josiah Grant
Josiah aka Bad Azz is an old school poler from Los Angeles California who has so. much. sexy. swag. Take note. I could seriously watch his sensual slinkiness all damn day. He’s also won lots of titles and is all over tv and media, so if you don’t know him by now, you should.

4. Dimitri Politov
Dimitri is a highly skilled pole dance icon hailing from Russia, who does such crazy shit on the pole, it’s seriously kinda scary to watch. He is a total innovator in how he integrates acrobatics and crazy flippy stuff into his pole performances… he’s just so damn exciting and fun to watch.

5. Steven Retchless
Steven is a self-proclaimed Showgirl raised in Las Vegas Nevada, who is always pushing the envelope with creativity and shock value. Seriously, never a dull moment in his pole journey: his performances are edgy and unforgettable and he’s always putting out something new and unexpected.

6. Adam Lin
Adam is an Aussie Mr Pole Dance World champ, amongst other titles, who I actually just recently discovered… and he SLAYS! He has a solid contemporary pole dance base that he combines with hip hop and street dance to create this dark, bitchy, poppy aesthetic that is just so damn cool.

Okay wow, this video is getting long, so let me just fly through a few more…

Brandon Grimm: A true creative visionary
Chris Talbot aka Blue Phoenix: Proof that it’s not just the Aussie women who are sexy as hell
Carlos Franca: An uber strong, breathtaking artist
Kehong: Just a gorgeous acro style
Tarzan: Raw and always entertaining
Travis Scott aka That Pole Guy: So refreshing and fun
Brian Rich: Another newbie I recently discovered who is just super fluid and magical

I could seriously keep going, but I’m gonna stop myself there. As an aside, I’m gonna confess: I always feel like I’m throwing shade when I do these videos for not being able to include everyone, but please know that is never my intention. So for the record, I’m not saying these are the best or the only male pole dancers out there,these are just the ones I personally internet stalk. And let’s keep it real: A. I’m American, and B. I definitely have a personal preference for the glam, sexy style of pole, so my pole knowledge is always just gonna sway in that direction. So this is why I need you! Who are your men of pole dude crushes?! Leave a comment below and show them some lovin’!