Post-Podcast Interview :: Lisa D

This week on the podcast, we have Aussie pole dancer, performer, and coach, Lisa D! On this episode, we talk about how Lisa became enchanted with pole witnessing the stage charisma of women she danced with during her early days working at a strip club; how she transitioned from a master’s program to being a full time pole professional; the importance of understanding and embracing your personal style as a dancer; and the value of finding balance in the pole industry. Check out Lisa's full podcast interview here, then check out more from Ms. D below!

Where did you grow up, and what is your current home town?
I grew up in Brisbane, Australia, and my current hometown is Melbourne, Australia.

Can you share a favorite pole dance photo of yourself?
I love how this one looks like I’m floating in infinite space. It’s by Brad of Vertigo Photography.

And a favorite non-pole-life photo?
Trying to get a soppy beach shot with Mat making ridiculous faces every time I tried to kiss him.

What’s your go-to pole move?
Always a handspring. Or if I’m dancing with feet on the floor, a pirouette :)

Give us a sexy floorwork song.

What’s a YouTube pole dance video we should check out?
It’s horrible to choose one! There are so many that I love. Everyone should check out this piece by Er Bing Li at IPC 2015. When he does that triple walk-up the audience progressively goes from cheering to outright screaming and it actually makes me teary to hear!  What a stunning moment of triumph for him, and what a damn cool piece he created.

Give us a song that makes you want to immediately strip off your clothes and jump on the pole.

Who should we follow on Instagram?
Follow @kapihuria for awesome pole, and @subtledildo for a laugh

Show us an inspiring image.
Dr Jane Goodall meeting a young chimp. Her life story is amazing, and her contributions to primatology and conservation have been huge.

Who would you like to see interviewed on the Pole Parlour Podcast?
Lots of people! I’d really be interested to hear what David C Owen has to say about pole and life :)

Thanks so much, Lisa! XXX