Post-Podcast Interview :: Kapi Huria

This week on the podcast, we have Kiwi pole dancer, Kapi Huria! On this episode, we talk about how Kapi’s mom got her into pole by dragging her to take her first pole workshop with Pantera Blacksmith, how she intentionally keeps her pole life fun and playful, we learn about the inspiration behind her Pole in Pants class, and we get real about the inevitable future of kids in the pole world. Check out her full podcast interview here, then check out more fun stuff from Kapi below!

Where did you grow up, and what is your current home town?
I grew up in a small village called Nuhaka, then moved to the nearest small town called Wairoa in Hawkes Bay New Zealand and my current hometown is a place called Kerikeri, the best way to pronounce it is if you say kitty-kitty.

Can you share a favorite pole dance photo of yourself?

And a favorite non-pole-life photo?
My favourite moment off the pole is when I am at the beach looking for cockles & pipi (clams)

What’s your go-to pole move?
One handed handstand with one hand holding the pole, because it took me so long to learn and train for it I will forever add that move into all of my dances. And I can do it without the pole by holding on to an arm leg, door handle or a tree so its a very portable pole trick.

Give us a sexy floorwork song.
Because it starts off very slow then builds up to an amazing chorus.

What’s a YouTube pole dance video we should check out?
This is the video that really got me excited about pole. He is so casual and amazing.

Give us a song that makes you want to immediately strip off your clothes and jump on the pole.

Who should we follow on Instagram?
@danceswithcircles She is a hoola hoop artist, I can get stuck watching her all day. She is so talented, real and creative! And @snaglikeanag I love her creativity, body & flow on the pole.

Show us an inspiring image.
He is so inspiring, such an amazing person full of positivity. He takes on the roughest challenge and keeps us updated on his progress and every video is a step closer towards his goal to walk again. He is incredibly inspirational.

Who would you like to see interviewed on the Pole Parlour Podcast?
I would love to see Travis Scott be interviewed. He is such an amazing person and talking to him is always so much fun.

Thanks so much, Kapi! XXX