Episode 1 :: Sweet Ms. Candace Cane



I wanted to bring Candace Cane on the show because she is one of those rare dancers who has her hand in the proverbial cookie jar of all things pole dance: she’s an instructor, performer, stripper, video vixen, and competitive pole dance champion. And because of this she has an interesting and well-rounded perspective of pole dance. On this episode she shares her experience of being a full-time dancer, along with her views on how we as pole dancers should unite as an empowered, diverse community rather than divide ourselves based on insignificant differences.

Also, as a disclaimer, I’ve never done a spoken interview or podcast before, so I want to thank everyone ahead of time for sticking with me through some of my cringe-worthy moments… hopefully my talking skills will get better as time goes on!

Check out Candace's post-podcast interview here!

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Show Notes:
Candace will be performing and doing workshops in Minneapolis, February 18–22 (2016), at Dolls on Parade

Candace’s Pole Crush:
Anastasia Skukhtorova (Instagram @Anastasiaskukhtorova)

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For private lessons, workshops, shows, etc.:

Candace’s favorite pole studio in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico:
Rojas Pasión Dance Studio


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