Episode 26 :: Allison Sipes



On this episode, we have Allison Sipes. Allison is an OG pole dancer/certification queen/entrepreneur who is one of the hardest working babes in the biz. On this episode, we talk about how she became interested in making a career in pole after—ironically—loosing her corporate job for pole dancing, the realities of running the Florida Pole Fitness Championship, her passion for creating programs that help students learn the basics of pole and studio owners become successful and profitable, and her new venture of running America’s first Dance Filthy competition!

Check out Allison’s post podcast interview here!


Show Notes:

Allison’s Social Media

Allison’s Pole Ventures:

Aerius Spinning Pole Training

Dance Filthy USA

Florida Pole Fitness Championship

Florida Pole Showcase

Online Pole Lessons

Foxy Kleen

Allison’s Miss Pole Dance America 2015 Performance


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