Episode 27 :: Lauren Lukrich of Kiska



On this episode, we have Lauren Lukrich. Lauren is the co-owner of Kiska, a Russian Exotic Fit style pole studio in Portland, Oregon. On this episode, we talk about her unique style of running a pole studio, which includes 24-hour access, openly catering to those working in the sex industry, and happily recommending other studios for students seeking a different experience; what it’s like owning Kiska—a word that means “Pussy” in Russian—in a city known for extreme sexual positivity and freedom, and how she’s actually seen an influx in hetero men interested in the exotic style training of her studio.

Check out Lauren’s post podcast interview here!


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Lauren’s Co-owner, Christa

xo.tarzan (OMG, she was right, this is HOT!)

Olga Koda Floorwork Video (look for the kitty)


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