Episode 58 :: Michelle Stanek




This week on the podcast, we have NYC old school pole artist, Michelle Stanek! On this episode, we talk about how Michelle was thrown into the role of professional pole dancer after losing her full-time job in 2009, how her interest and education in art and art history has influenced her pole career, we get advice on how to be effective pole teacher, and we chat about her current focus on just doing pole for the pure love of it!

Check out Michelle’s post podcast blog interview here!


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San Francisco Pole and Dance
San Francisco Pole and Dance is a pole, aerial, and movement studio based in the heart of SOMA, in San Francisco, CA. With over 45 drop-in classes every week in pole, choreography, aerial silks, lyra, gymnastics and burlesque, San Francisco pole and dance has something for everyone.

Show Notes:

Michelle’s Social Media

Pole Art 2012


The Wall at Body & Pole


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