Episode 59 :: Felix Cane



This week on the podcast, we have the queen herself, Felix Cane! On this episode, we talk about how Felix went from trained ballet dancer to one of the biggest pole dance stars in the world, her viral Miss Pole Dance Australia YouTube video that influenced so many women (and men!) to begin their own pole dance journey, her experience traveling around the world with Cirque Du Soleil, and we chat about her current life as a studio and competition owner!


Show Sponsor: Aerial Therapy
Aerial Therapy is the island of Bermuda's first and only dedicated Pole Studio. Conveniently located just outside the City of Hamilton, every detail of the facility was designed with Pole in mind. They cater to all fitness levels, body types and Pole styles with 11+ classes per week and 5 certified instructors who are passionate, experienced, diverse and most of all FUN!

Show Notes:

Felix’s Social Media

Felix Cane Academy

Miss Pole Dance Australia 2006


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