5 Easy Tips to Make Your Pole Dance More Sexy :: VIDEO

Lately, I've been all about keeping my dance simple, and experimenting with just swaggin' that shit out! So I decided to do a fun little YouTube video about really easy, but sometimes overlooked, ways to make your pole dance more sexy!

Loose Transcript:

There’s so much to think about while you’re pole dancing: executing spins and tricks, keeping beat with the music, remembering choreography, or if you’re free styling, thinking about what to do next. Not to mention, concentrating on staying steady if you’re wearing heels and not slipping off the pole in general! That being said, it can be easy to just get in our heads and become a bit mechanical with our movement. And I certainly don’t speak for all pole dancers, but personally, when I get on the pole, I want that shit to be sexy. So for those who are with me, here are 5 Easy Tips to help make your Pole Dance more Sexy!

Tip #1: Use your hands.
Instead of just letting your arms and hands dangle… integrate them into your dance. Run them provocatively over your body… feel on yourself… run your fingers through your hair… and be aware of how you hold the pole. Don’t just death grip or keep your hand in one position… as you dance, try stroking the pole, flaring your fingers, and caress the pole as if it were your lover. You know what I’m talking about. In other words: keep your mind in the gutter!

Tip #2: Slow Down.
It’s easy to get a bit anxious and rush through your movement when dancing. But let’s be honest, what’s more sexy? This? Or this? Take the time to slow your breath and really feel into your movement. Even though it may feel like you are moving at a snail's pace, in reality it will appear very sensual and appealing to your audience. And if your music is fast, try moving to every other beat, rather than keeping up with the tempo.

Tip #3: Isolations.
Peppering controlled, isolated movements into your dance flow is HOT. Isolations in dance are the movement of one part of the body independent of the rest. So, try isolating your hips or your booty… or throw in some melty body waves, or even a well-timed hair whip. Have you ever been enchanted by the isolated hand movement of a belly dancer? Then hell, try that! Be creative!

Tip #4: Eye Contact.
Straight up: eye contact equals confidence, and nothing is more sexy than confidence. And don’t even take my word for it, just watch the screen! When you dance, you shouldn’t be staring at the pole or down at the ground or up at the ceiling. Eye fuck your audience.

Tip #5: Get off the pole!
This is where we can really start to have some fun. Roll around on the floor. Do a titillating tease. Play with prop. Arch your back and use those hands. Dance on the wall. The opportunities are endless, so remember to use the space around the pole, and not just the pole itself, and let your sexy imagination run wild.

So there we go! And a few of bonus items that may seem obvious, but are worth mentioning, are to choose evocative, sexy music… also, wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. And finally, embrace your quote un-quote mistakes! If you stumble or your mind goes blank or you make some awkward weird movement, just flow with it, maybe give a coy smile, and just keep going with your sexy ass self!