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On this episode, we have Brian Wolf. Brian is an LA-based pole dance teacher, competitor, and performer. On this episode, we talk about his experience being a male poler in a female-dominant industry, the benefits of “cross-training” in different areas of dance, performance art, and fitness to become a well-rounded poler, and what it takes to engage an audience, be it in an entertainment or competitive performance. Brian’s good vibes are contagious in this episode: you can tell he really cares for and enjoys being in the pole dance community.

Check out Brian’s Post-Podcast Blog Interview here!


Show Notes:

Brian’s Social Media:

Brian’s recommends checking out these other male polers:
Steven Retchless
Josiah “Bad Azz” Grant
MoNika Ell

Steven Retchless’s Pole Expo “Magic Mike” performance

Brian’s Publicist:
Vertical Life PR

Pole Con
Pole Expo


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