Episode 23 :: Vertical Joe




On this episode, we have Torwa Joe aka FiyaStarta aka boss babe of Vertical Joe’s. Joe is a pole champion, performer, choreographer, official twerk technician, and founder of the world famous Vertical Joe’s pole studio in Atlanta, Georgia. On this episode, we talk about how Joe unintentionally fell into pole dance almost 10 years ago while working as a fitness instructor, her glamorous life of touring with hip hop artists and hosting television stars at her studio, her love of the Atlanta Booty Clap—aka twerking, and how she’s just getting started with her overall vision for her Vertical Joe’s empire.

Check out Miss FiyaStarta’s post podcast interview here!


Show Notes:

Vertical Joe’s Pole Studio

FiyaStarta’s Social Media:

99 Ways to Twerk

Upcoming Events:

Georgia Pole Fitness Classic Oct 22, 2016 Accepting applicants with no residency requirements for the Amateur, Women Open plus Hot Body Contest.

Twerk Technician trainings offered 24/7 via Skype or in person.  Next training Washington DC Aug 21st.

We will be at Dance Wicked for A Week Jamaica Oct 23-29.

Pole Convention in Atlanta, don't miss out on our Twerk Live, Twerk Certification & Tarpe Workshop!


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