Episode 41 :: Mona Marie



This week on the podcast, we have Mona Marie. On this episode, we talk about how Mona—a self-taught pole dancer—first discovered pole while visiting a strip club, her goals and role as an entertainer dancing at clubs in New York City, her experience choreographing for Madonna on her Rebel Heart Tour, and how she is serving her community in the Bronx with her pole studio, Poletic Justice.

And if you’ve listened to the podcast before, you know every week I ask our guest to share his or her pole crush, and many of you have actually asked me who is MY pole crush, and I will now reveal, Mona is one of my tops. So please pardon any gushing that occurs during the interview!

Check out Mona’s post podcast interview here!


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Poletic Justice

Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Pole Dancing

Mona Marie and Tarzan Doubles


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