Episode 46 :: Alex Shchukin



This week on the podcast, we have Ukrainian pole dancer Alexander Shchukin. On this episode, we talk about how Alex, a life-long dancer, was originally introduced to pole dance by his wife Katia; his experience traveling and competing around the world and now running his own camp Alex Pole Camp, and world championship at his Alex Pole Festival; and we also discuss his vision of elevating pole so it appeals to an audience outside of our own industry. We also have guest appearances throughout the interview by Alex’s beautiful wife and adorable daughter, so be ready to meet the whole Shchukin family! And something we’ve never done before, but we have an addendum to our interview sliced in to the original! So since our original interview, some controversy emerged in the pole community involving some not cool hate speech, and since Alex was called out, he shares his views and response with us, and because you know we don’t have haters on this podcast, it’s all about love.

Check out Alex’s post-podcast blog interview here!


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Alex Pole Camp

Alex Pole Fest

Adam Lin, Winning Performance from Pole Dance Championship 2016


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