Shoegasm: A Poem for the Ages

This is a poem that I, with the aid of some red wine, wrote about my love for stripper heels. I call it “Shoegasm”.

This is my ode to the taboo stripper shoe
I wanted to express how much I adore you

You make my legs look slender and long
You make my ass look juicy and strong

Strappy stiletto, rhinestone peep-toe
When I walk into a room, you’ll sure as hell know

6 inch, 7 inch, 8 inch, 10!
I want to clack my heels, again and again

Patent leather boots, ankle or thigh-high
When I strut my stuff, I make the boys cry

I love how you make me feel sexy and courageous
I love how you make me act freaky and outrageous

So strap on those heels: you know that you have ‘em
And get ready to have an explosive shoegasm!

Okay okay, I'll admit it, I may not be the next Shel Silverstein. I could use some help here! Do you have any stripper shoe-inspired verse? Share in the comments below!